Become a Better Leader - Hone Your Leadership Skills

Are leaders made or born? Every so often, you will find experts debating that question. But very few people would be willing to describe themselves as natural born leaders. Additionally, for several years now, the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), in their Critical Human Capital Issues report, has identified leadership development in the Top Five Critical Issues for high performing organizations. Yet, despite leadership development having been a critical human capital issue for more than a decade, most organizations have not found a way to successfully develop their leadership talent. This suggests that employees who aspire to become leaders, need to be proactive and hone their leadership skills. And everyone can develop leadership skills and everyone can benefit from using them.

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Improving Your Leadership Skills

To become a better leader, the first step is to take the time to identify areas in which you need to improve. Honestly answer the following 10 questions.


  1. Do I try to be aware of how others think and feel?
  2. Do I try to help others to perform the best of their abilities?
  3. Am I willing to accept responsibility?
  4. Am I willing to play with new ideas and try new ways of doing things?
  5. Am I able to communicate effectively with others?
  6. Am I a good problem solver?
  7. Am I effective at making the best decisions in a timely manner?
  8. Do I accept and appreciate other perspectives and opinions?
  9. Am I aware of current issues and concerns in the organization?
  10. Am I willing to stand up for what I believe in?

After you have answered the 10 questions, you will have a sense of your strengths and weaknesses, and can devise a strategy to upgrade your leadership skills. Your strategy should enable you to work on both your strengths and weaknesses, but with a focus on your weaknesses. So for instance, if you are not very good at problem solving, but you have a knack for getting others’ perspectives, take on a difficult project at work. Every project includes many problems to solve before you can complete it. At the start of the project, you have to gather information, which includes talking to people and getting their perspectives. Therefore, using the skills that you are good at, will help you to strengthen the ones you are not that good at.

Answering the 10 questions is the key to honing your leadership skills, because it provides a foundation on which you can build. Once you know and understand which leadership traits you need to work on, you will notice countless opportunities at work that will help you to become a better leader. Striving to become a better leader by honing your leadership skills will make you a more valuable employee. Leadership skills are acquired over time, by devising a strategy to work on the leadership traits that you are weak at, you are on your way to becoming a true leader.


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